Most Addictive Hyper-Casual Game created by Me(So Far): Blade Match

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Match & Smash

Well I personally loved the game. As well I found that it created buzz in the community. It has really very addictive and challenging gameplay. 

Well Blade Match very very simple game and may also be looking like a prototype but believe me or not, its one of the best hyper-casual game so far I have played this year.

It also seems to strengthen player’s brain and sight. 

Blade Match game starts quite slowly in the beginning but it picks up speed very soon, and in just some time you will not be able to move your eyes from the screen. You will have to play with all in attention.

So I will really recommend you to play this game often and if possible at least once in a day, so that you can keep improving and making new high-scores.

How I Developed Match & Smash

Since very long I have been thinking of novel game ideas for Hyper-casual games. I didn’t want to become one of those shitty copy-cats. I kept looking to Appstore and Playstore top charts for inspiration. And I got this game idea suddenly at mid-night.

That night I planned how can I start making this game and from where I should probably start. And as its pretty easy game, I managed to plan the complete game flow.

Next morning I started making prototype and I managed to complete the prototype in just a day. Next day I worked on some UI and finding BG and Music from the free sources. And then It took me whole week to polish the game. After one week I published game to AppStore and Playstore.

Game Play: